NS Nerd 24" XC

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24" XC-bike with full suspension* for kids between 140-155 cm.

Helmet is included.

The rental opens at 08:30 and is open until 16:30. The bike should be returned no later then 16:30. Have you rented more days then one you keep the bike for the full duration.

The customer is responsible for the bikes for the duration of the rental as well as returning them cleaned.

Remember to buy Cykla Järvsös TrailPass.

The insurance covers damages that occur at biking and normal use. It does not cover rough handling of the bikes or transportation damages.

OBS: These bikes are not allowed in the downhill park.

Non returned bikes will be fined with the bikes ordinary price as well as 10.000 SEK extra.

* Full suspension means that the bike has suspension both in the back and front. Suited for rougher trails.

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