Try mountainbike downhill

Have you also considered trying downhill biking in a bike park? Mountainbike downhill goes as it sounds, downhill. However, it doesn't have to go fast, most people can try and choose tracks with an easier grade. There are tracks for beginners up to experts.

Introduction course with MTB instructor

We strongly recommend taking part in an introduction course if you are trying it for the first time. The intro course is also suitable for those who ride MTB but have not tried downhill before.

An experienced instructor will explain and show the fundamentals of bike technique so that your biking will be safer in the park. It is a lot to think about handling a downhill bike with plenty of front and rear suspension and strong disc brakes.

You get lots of good tips and the instructor can also give personal feedback. The instructor also goes through how we get the bike on the lift and the group will do one lap from the top together. On the way down, you'll get more tips on, for example, cornering and braking technique.

Our introduction courses start at 09.00 and lasts for about one hour. The goal of the intro course is for you to have a more enjoyable and safer downhill biking experience.

“How lucky that we booked the introduction course! We wouldn't have managed this in the same way and have so much fun without all the tips".
Stefan B, Stockholm