The trails of Järvsö Bergscykel Park 2022

JBP has everything from the easiest green trails to the really difficult double-blacks. The ground varies from finest dirt to rocks and roots. There is also handmade bridges, jumps, rocks and other features.

OBS! During the weekend of 28-29/10-23 the top parts of the trails are closed to the trail hub. A marked route will be used instead OBS!

Our trails ranked by difficultyStatus
Gröna Granna* 
Hjulet Spinner 
Honey Honey 
Älskade Ängel 
Lat och Lycklig* 
Teenie Weenie 
Till Mina Vänner 
En Tuff Brud 
Twist Twist 
Pop Opp i Topp 
Pang Pang Pang* 
Itzy Bitzy 
Lite För Liten 

* Limited opening hours.

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JBP – Start here!

GREEN Start "easy" – take a few laps and get to know the trails and your bike.
BLUE Ride Barbro is a good way to continue the day in JBP. Give the trail a few runs atleast.
RED When you feel confident enough in Barbro, Manolito and Malin it is time for the next step - En Tuff Brud!
BLACK Make sure you are warm enought before entering the black trails - and take your time to make a run to inspect the line!

Keep track of the conditions...

Downhill is alot of fun – but it can be difficult and sometimes dangerous. It is important that you as a rider make sure to keep track of the conditions during the day. Wind, rain and other outside factors can drastically change the trails. Always inspect the lines before increasing your speed and take the bigger jumps.

To ride the trails more times then one, both to get to know the bike and the trail, is important due to safety reasons.

The beginners 1-2-3…

1) Monica & Gröna Granna are built for you that rides downhill for the first time - Monica has a lot of different "faces" and expects to be the first trail that you take during the day.

2) Our beloved Barbro. Either you take the trail as slow as you like, or you take it at full speed. Ride it multiple times and she will teach you to trust your bike.

3) Next step is Malin – learn the technique a bit better and learn how to take a bit more narrow turns then Barbro. You can go awfully fast, but take it easy in the beginning!